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Department of Microbiology

Indexed Journal:

1. Smiline Girija A.S., Pandi Suba. K,J.Vijayashree, HariPrasad G, Raghuraman R. Isolation and Characterization of Lolduvin-S: A Novel Antimicrobial Protein from the Ink of Indian Squid Loligo Duvauceli. International Journal of Current Research and Review, 2011: Vol 3(7): 4 – 14.
2. Pandi Suba K., Smiline Girija AS, Raghuraman R. Homology modeling and Docking analysis of Prodigiosin from Serratia marcesens. Elixir Biotech, 2013(55), 12897-12902.
3. Pandi Suba. K, Arul, D, Smiline Girija, AS, Hairul Islam, Saravanan, S, Valli, G. And Raghuraman, R. Prodigiosin induced apoptosis and inhibited proliferation in carcinoma HSC-2 Cells. International Journal of Current Research. 2011. Vol. 3 (4): 151-156.

4. Pandi Suba. K,Vijayashree, J. P., Prasanna, C.C., Smiline Girija, AS., Priyanka, M., Nethaji, R. Valli, .G and Raghuraman, R.Genodontics – A review article. International Journal of Current Research. 2011 Vol. 3 (5): 101-104.

5. M.Priyanka, T.Ramakrishnan, N.Ambalavanan, Pandi Suba K.,2011. Prasanna C.C. Effect of Diode Laser in the Treatment of Periodontal Pockets- A Clinical and Microbiological Study Using Polymerase Chain Reaction International Journal of Current Research and Review. 3 (11): 66-79.
6. ALD Kalyani.,T Palaniappan, V Mohan, and T Sundararaj. Studies on the Extended spectrum beta lactamases activity in isolates from diabetes patients. BMC Infectious Diseases 2012, 12 (Suppl 1):P86.

7. S Asokan, J Rathan, MS Muthu, Prabhu V Rathna, P Emmadi, Raghuraman R,Chamundeswari. 2009: Effect of oil pulling on Streptococcus mutans count in plaque and saliva using Dentocult SM Strip mutans test: A randomized, controlled, triple-blind study. Journal of pedodonticDentisty, 26(1):12-17.

8. Nirmala, Smiline Girija, Mehr sultana, Jagadeeswari NS. 2013. Saliva as a diagnostic tool. Int J of Preclinical and Pharmaceutical Research, 4(2): 93-98.
9. Smiline Girija A.S., Pandi Suba. K,HariPrasad G, Raghuraman R. A Preliminary study on the screening of emerging drug resistance among the caries pathogens isolated from carious dentine. Indian Journal of Dental Research 2012: 23(1), 26-30.
10. Pandi Suba, A.S. Smiline Girija,J.P.Vijayashree, G.Valli, R.Raghuraman and S.G.Gnanavendhan..Biomedicine 2009; 29 (3):278 – 280. Antimicrobial potential of prodigiosin extracted from the clinical strain of Serratia marcesens against the bacterial and yeast isolates.
11. ShrutiNayak, Dorothy AL.Comparative study of Candida by conventional and CHROM agar method in non-denture and denture wearers by oral rinse technique. Indian Journal of Dental Research Vol 23, Iss 04, 2012.
12. SharathAsokan, Pamela Emmadi, RaghuramanR, Chamundeswari. Effect of oil pulling on plaque induced gingivitis: A randomized, controlled, triple blind study. Indian J Dent Res 2009: 20 (1); p 47 – 49.
13. Malini, Titus K Thomas, Darpan Bargawa, Smiline Girija AS. 2012. Microbiology of the coat in a dental operatory. Indian Journal of Dental research. 23(6): 841-844.
14. Swertiamarin ameliorates inflammation and osteoclastogenesis intermediate in IL11 ß induced rat fibroblast like synoviocytes – S. Saravanan, VI Hairul Islam KThirunanasambantham N Pazhnivel R. Raghuraman M Gabriel Paulraj S Ignacimuthu : I7:2.4 :2014 : Journal of inflammation Research

Non – Indexed Journal:

1. Smiline Girija, A. S. J.Vijayashree, Pandi Suba K., Hariprasad G., Raghuraman R.Antibacterial effect of squid ink on ESBL producing strains of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumonia. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences2012: 41(3): 338-343.