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Indexed Journal:

1. Mixed periapical lesion published in journal of dmfr in march 2011 by c. Krithika, savithakota, saraswathigopal, d. Koteeswaran.
2. Hybrid lesion: desmoplastic& conventional ameloblastoma published in international journal of oral health in 2011 by b.g.harshavardhan, k.saraswathigopal, ekta ingle.
3. Nano dentistry : a hype or hope. J Oral Health Comm Dent 2011;5(2)64-67 – Dr. saraswathigopal,
4. Morphological varants of soft palate in normal individuals – a digital cephalometricstudy ,sep 2011. Journal of clinical and. diagnostic research Dr. saraswathigopal, dr. kalian
5. An epidemiological study of supernumerary teeth june 2014. Journal of clinical and. diagnostic research Dr. saraswathigopal, dr. kalian
6. Reliablity of age estimation using demirjians 8 teeth method. Journal of forensic dental sciences, vol 3 issue 2, 2011. Dr.v. jayanthkumar, dr. K. Saraswathygopal
7. Oral lichen planus- a report of two cases and review of literature. national journal of basic medical sciences. jan –march 2011. priyaramani, pallavisamatha, aarthymanohor, saraswathygopal
8. “Hybrid Lesion of Desmoplastic and Conventional Amelo Blastoma – A Case Report” – Harsha Vardhan. B.G, Ekta Ingle and K.S Gopal. (Indexed) -Journal of International Oral Health Volume 3, Issue 2 Apr 2011.

9. “Gorlin – Goltz Syndrome: A Case Report” Harsha Vardhan. B.G, Savitha Kota, Dr. Saraswathy Gopal .K, D. Koteeswaran. (Indexed). – Indian Journal of Stomatology 2012:3(1) 57- 61

10. “Angiomyxoma of The Gingiva- A Case Report And Literature Review” – Harsha Vardhan.B.G, Sumathy.C, Aarthy Manohar, Anitha Bojan, A. Kannan. (Indexed). Journal of International Oral Health Volume 4 Issue 1, Apr 2012.
11. “Intra Oral Complex Odontoma: A Case Report and Review of Literature” – Harsha Vardhan.B.G, V. Jayanth Kumar, Saraswathy Gopal .K. (Indexed). – Indian Journal Of Dental Sciences Sep 2012 Issue 3 Volume 4
12. International publication in Triple O Journal titled ‘Osteopetrosis-associated osteomyelitis of the jaws: a report of 4 cases.Krithika C, Neelakandan RS, Sivapathasundaram B, Koteeswaran D, Rajaram PC, Shetkar GS – Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod. 2009 Sep;108(3):e56-65. doi: 10.1016/j.tripleo.2009.05.010.
13. Journal of Biomedical Optics on 06.01.2010, Titled “Invivo Native Fluorescence Spectroscopy & NAD/FAD Redox states of Oral Submucous Fibrosis for the Chemopreventive Drug Monitoring”. – Dr. D. Koteeswaran
14. Evaluation of Oral Submucous fibrosis using ultrasonography Technique : : A New Diagnostic tool: Indian Journal of Dental research vol 22/issue4/Jul- Aug 2011 – Dr. D. Koteeswaran
15. Synchronous Iuminescence spectroscopic characteristic of urine of normal and cancerous patients. – Dr. D. Koteeswaran : 2011:Journal of Photobiology
16. Fluorescence emission and excitation spectroscopic characterization of blood plasma protein. – Dr. D. Koteeswaran :2011- Journal of Photobiology
17. Fluorescence anisotropy characterization of oral tissues.- Dr. D. Koteeswaran – 2011- Journal of Biomedical Optics
18. Photodynamic Therapy for the Management of Leukoplakia and Oral Lichen Planus using Methylene Blue. – Dr. D. Koteeswaran : 2011-Journal of Biomedical Optics
19. Verrucous carcinoma in association with Oral Submucous Fibrosis. Indian Journal Of Dental Research, Vol – 22 (4) 2011. – Dr. D. Koteeswaran
20. Kannan A , SumathyC,Jjayanth Kumar V, Anitha B,Koteeswaran D. Verrucous carcinoma –now and then.Annals and Essences of Dentistry .2012 ;l.3(4):39-41.

22. AnithaBojan, Winnifred Christy, SumathyChanmougananda, KannanAshokan.Osteosarcoma of Mandible: A Case Report and Review of Literature. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2012 May (Suppl-2), Vol-6(4): 753-757.
23. AnithaBojan, Winnifred Christy, SumathyChanmougananda, KannanAshokanCentral giant cell granuloma of the jaw in early childhood: Surgical and non-surgical management. J. Adv Oral Res 2012;3(2):37-42.
24. c-erbB2 Expression in saliva of women with breast carcinoma . Thesis abstract . Ejournalofdentistry.com 2011;1(1):20. C.Sumathy
25. BMJ Case Reports 2012;10:1136/bc-2012-006218. British Medical Journal PeriapicalActinomycosis (1-4). Sanjay ,Danavel , Sumathy ,Preethi Nair.
26. KannanA ,Sumathy C ,S. Sathasivasubramanian. Unusual site of oral pyogenic granuloma- a case report. Journal of Medical Research and Practice. 2013, vol-2, no:5, (116-119)
27. CT Angiography In Diagnosis Of Cavernous Hemongioma Of Mandible – E-Journal Of Dentistry: 2011/ July- Sep / Vol1/ Issue – 3. Dr. Mithra, Dr. Pavithra, Dr. Sathya Kumar. (National Journal).
28. Orofacial Herpes Loster A Case Report With Detailed Review Of Literature – Oral Maxillofacial Pathology Journal – 4(Q) Jan – June 2013; 346 – 354.(National Journal). Dr. Vineet, Dr. Mithra, Dr. Pavithra, Dr. Sathyarajan Misra.
29. Oral Presentation In Dengue Hemorrhagi Fever – A Rare Entity – Journal Of Natural Science, Biology & Medicine – Jan 2013/ Vol4/ Issue1. – Dr. Mithra, Dr. Pavithra, Dr. Sathya Kumar.[Pubmed].
30. Adenomatoid Odentogenic Tumor – A Report Of 2 Cases With Hispathology Correlation – J Clin Imaging Science – Vol 1 / Issue 4/ Oct – Dec 2011. – Dr. Mithra, Dr. Pavithra, Dr. Sathya Kumar. [Pubmed].
31. Imaging In The Diagnosis Of Cemento – Ossifying Fibroma- A Case Series – J Clin Imaging Science – Vol 2 / Issue 3 / July – Sep 2012. – Dr. Mithra, Dr. Pavithra, Dr. Sathya Kumar.[Pubmed].
32. Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Of Mobile Tongue. – A Rare Case – Drj 2012 / Vol 9 / Issue 7. Dr. Mithra, Dr. Pavithra, Dr. Sathya Kumar. – Dr. Sathyarajan Misra.[Pubmed].
33. A maxillary lateral incisor with four root canals. Kottoor J, Murugesan R, Albuquerque DV. IntEndod J 2012 Apr;45(4):393-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2591.2011.01984.x. Epub 2011 Nov 4.

34. Oral Cancer in Oral Submucous Fibrosis: Report of 3 cases. C. Krithika, C. Sridhar, G. SreeVijayabala, M. Ragu Ganesh, S.C. Selvamuthukumar. J Oral Sign 2012; 4(3):151-154.
35. Stem Cell Therapy: A Newhope for Dentist in Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research , Vol.6, Feb 2012 – Dr. Saraswathy Gopal, Dr. Arathy Manohar Lankupalli
Non – Indexed Journal:

1. Fibrous dysplasia of the maxilla- report of two cases with review. indian journal of multidisciplinary dentistry. jan-feb 2011. c.sumathy, c. seethalakshmi, k. saraswathygopal.
2. Developmental bone defect of the mandible – an incidental radiographic finding. indian dentist research and review july 2011. dr. priyaramani, dr. c. seethalakshmi, dr. k. saraswathygopal.
3. Diffrential diagnosis of a supra gingival growth. indian dentist research and review, oct 2011. dr. b.g. harshavardhan, dr. a. kannan, dr. a. vignesswary, dr. k. saraswathygopal
4. “Asymptomatic Lingual Mass – A Case Report With Review Of Literature”Dr.A.Kannan, Dr. Harsha Vardhan.B.G ,Dr. Priya Ramani, Dr. C. Sumathy, Dr. Ragu Ganesh, Dr. Koteeswaran.D. – Indian Dentist Research And Review – Feb 2011.
5. “Adolescent Oral Pemphigoid: Report Of A Case And Review Of Literature” – C. Sumathy, Harsha Vardhan.B.G, Priya Ramani, A.Kannan, Koteeswaran.D. K. Saraswathi Gopal – The Journal Of Indian Academy Of Oral Medicine & Radiology Oct – Dec 2011, Volume 23 No.4
6. Photosensitizers in dentistry. International magazine of Laser dentistry. 2010; 2(4): 32-3. – Dr. D. Koteeswaran
7. Marfan’s syndrome: A report of 2 cases and Review – Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine &Radiology Vol 23 No 3 Jul-Sep 2011– Dr. D. Koteeswaran
8. In vivo estimation of Redox states with Autofluorescence Spectroscopy in – Oralsubmucous Fibrosis patients: A pilot study – Rearch article. .JIAOMR. Oct- Dec2012; 24(4); 257-260– Dr. D. Koteeswaran
9. A winnifered Christy, AnithaBojan, Babu Mathew, S.Shanmugam.Lipoma in the palate :A rare presentation. Indian Aca Oral Med Radiol 2010;22(4):S51-52.
10. WinnifredChristy,AnithaBojan ,Emmanuel DriraviyaSargunamAzariah.Periphearlosteoma of the mandible-A case report .Indian dentist research and review 2011 ;4(6):42-43.
11. Bojan A, Christy W, Kurian K, Elangovan S. A Study to determine the Association between Tobacco Smoking Habit and Oral Candidal Infection in Median Rhomboid Glossitis by Cytologic and Histopathologic Methods. J Indian Aca Oral Med Radiol 2012;24(2):106-112
12. SumathyChanmougananda, KannanAshokanBojanAB ,Seethalakshmi C Ashokan,Ragu M Ganesh.Literature review of Amelogenesis imperfect with case report.J Indian Aca Oral Med Radiol 2012;24(1):83-87.
13. Diabetes Mellitus- A Major Systemic Contributor For Invasive Rhinomaxillary Mucormycosis – Case Report Biomedicine 2012; 32 (4): 596 – 599. – Dr. Mithra, Dr. Pavithra, Dr. Sathya Kumar. (National Journal).
14. Post – Radiation Osteonecrosis Of The Mandible Due Periodontally Compramised Teeth – A Case Report. Bio Medicine 2012; 32(2): 276 -8. -Dr. Mithra, Dr. Pavithra, Dr. Sathya Kumar.