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Indexed Journal:

1. A comparison of clinical and photographic scoring using the TF and Modified DDE Indices for Recording Enamel Opacities. Dr.Preetha E Chaly,JIOH 2011; 3(4):1-8.
2. Effect of fruit juices on pH of dental plaque – A Clinical study. Dr.Preetha E Chaly, JIOH 2011;3(6):1-5.
3. Contamination of rings and watches among clinical and non-clinical dental staff. Dr.Preetha E Chaly, JIOH 2012;4(2):39-46.

4. Oral health status and treatment needs of geriatric population of old age homes of chennai city. Dr.Preetha E Chaly J Oral health Res 2010; 1(2): 82-86
5. Oral Health related quality of life in adult population attending the out patient department of a hospital in Chennai,India.Dr.Preetha E Chaly,.J.Int Oral Health 2012;2(4):42-45
6. Dental awareness and attitudes among medical practitioners in Chennai city.Dr.Srinidhi ,Oral Health & Community Dentistry. July 2011;5(2):73-78
7. Oral Health status and treatment needs among the nursing students and staff in Chennai.Dr.Srinidhi,J oral Health Community Dent 2012;6(2) 79-85
8. Assessment of the prevalence of myths regarding oral health among general population in Maduravoyal, Chennai.Dr. Indrapriyadarshni ,Journal of education & ehics in dentistry 2012
9. A clinical,radiological and IL-6 evaluation of subgingivally delivered simvastatin in the treatment of chronic periodontitis.Kaur M.Int J Drug Delivery.2012,4(1)
10. Root coverage using epithelial embossed connective tissue graft.Kaur M,2011;22(5):726-728:IJDR:
11. Multispecialty approach in the management of patient with hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis:1-year followup:A case Report.Kaur M.I J Dent.2010
Non – Indexed Journal:

1. Oral health knowledge, attitude, practices and oral hygiene status of factory workers. Dr. Preetha Elizabeth Chaly,JIAPHD; 2011(18):541-548.
2. Oral health status and treatment needs of match-box factory workers in GudiyathamTaluk, Vellore District. Dr.Preetha Elizabeth Chaly, JIAPHD; 2011(18):525-535.

3. Dentition status among type II diabetes and non diabetic individuals in Chennai city- a comparative study.Dr.Chandra Sekhara Reddy,Journal of Oral Health Community Dentistry 2011;5 (2)79-85
4. Awareness and practice of dental waste care management among dental practitioners in Chennai city- A cross sectional study- Dr. Chandrasekhara Reddy – JIAPHD 2011; 17: 289-296.
5. Awareness of medico-legal issues among medical and dental health college health professionals. Dr. Chandrasekhara Reddy.JIAPHD 2013, 11(3)

6. Prevalence of malocclusion and orthodontic treatment needs among 12 to 15 years old school going children of Maduravoyal area, Chennai. Dr. Chandrasekhara Reddy, JIAPHD; 2011(18):591-598.

7. Effect of antimicrobial pre-procedural rinsing on aerosols in the dental office and dental students knowledge and attitude towards aerosol contamination – An Institutional study. Dr. Chandrasekhara Reddy JIAPHD; 2011(18):564-574
8. Sugar consumption and dental caries experience in 12-15 year old children in Chennai. Dr. Chandrasekhara Reddy JIAPHD 2011; 18: 462-473
9. A Survey of Dental Knowledge and Gingival Health on pregnant women attending Government Maternity Hospital, Chennai.Dr.Preetha E.Chaly,JOHCD,2011;5(1)

10. Contamination of aprons and protective effect of mouth masks of dental students in clinical setting. Dr.V. IndraPriyadarshni JIAPHD; 2011(18):508-513.

11. Effect of short oral health education intervention on oral hygiene of 8-10years old schoolchildren, Maduravoyal, Chennai, Dr.V.IndraPriyadarshni. JIAPHD; 2011(18): 321-327
12. Effectiveness of probiotic & chlorhexidine mouthrines on reduction of plaqne, gingintis & mutans streprococci count in saliva. A clincal trial – Dr. Indrapriyadarshni, JIAPHD 2013, 11(1)
13. Effect of platelet-rich plasma and bioactive glass in the treatment of intrabony defects:a split-mouth study in humans.Kaur M,Braz J Oral sci.2010;9(2):108-114
14. Bilateral supplemental mandibular premolar-A case report.Dr.Nijesh.JIAPHD.Issue 14;Vol 2009;pages 149-157